Northrop Primary Print


Drawing by Martin Simons


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Country of Origin - Design: Germany

Country of Origin - Manufacture: Australia

Designer: Lippisch/Stamer

Constructor: Davies/Darbyshire/Feil

Year of Manufacture: 1969/74

The Northrop Primary is a copy of the original German Zogling(Pupil) dating back to 1926. We do not know who the American Northrop was (Not related to J. Northrop who started a large Aircraft Company in USA).

This example started off s a hobby project of Ken Davies (Gliding Club of Victoria) who saw that all the primaries which he had learnt on were fast disappearing. You can see from the picture and drawing that you sat on it rather than in it!

Thousands of Primaries were built all over the world starting with the Grunau 9 by Edmund Schneider. The Zogling was copied and modified by many. In Britain Slingsby got started with a copy called the "Dagling"


Alan Patching seated, Dave Darbishire standing.